Palladium Newsletter - February 2011

Dear Clients,

Welcome to our February newsletter. This month our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Christchurch, home of Palladium’s sister office, which is recovering from the devastating earthquake which struck on February 22. We are thankful that our team, whose CBD office location and surroundings is in ruins, has survived and is relatively unharmed by the disaster that has claimed the lives of over 148 people.

Together with our team in New Zealand, we continue to provide New Zealand as a hub for asset protection, estate planning and commercial uses, especially through the use of Limited Partnerships, Companies, and Trusts.
We are pleased to present ‘Palladium Trust Services Limited’ the law firm
We are delighted to announce that Palladium is now a registered law firm in England and Wales. The Palladium name continues to operate, although we are now named ‘Palladium Trust Services Limited.’

Palladium Trust Services Limited is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and I am its sole director.

We are pleased to add English law legal services to our repertoire, alongside our core offering of corporate, trust and fund solutions and services as well as BVI law advice.

UK Services
As mentioned above we are excited that we can now offer our UK legal expertise alongside our offshore services.

Our UK corporate service offering includes company incorporation, provision of local directors, provision of UK registered offices, and mail forwarding addresses.

BVI Shelf Companies
Shelf companies continue to be a popular and efficient solution for clients who require a company within a short space of time. Our shelf companies have been incorporated by Palladium in the British Virgin Islands and have a ‘clean history’ – they have not engaged in any previous business transactions.

Using a shelf company saves time that would otherwise be lost in paperwork, has the advantage of an earlier incorporation date, and allows the client to start trading sooner.

Please visit us at or contact me directly at if you would like more information on what Palladium can do for you. We hope that the below articles are of interest to you and in particular illustrate how dramatically the global taxation landscape is changing.

Until next month,


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